SITUATION: A CEO of a national logistics company hired Velocity Leadership Consulting to coach him to be a superior leader and achieve his EBITA objective.

We uncovered the CEO’s unconscious thinking that he couldn’t challenge his direct reports to higher level performance related to EBITA, feeling like the achievement mostly rewarded him. He always stopped at what he thought was their ceiling because he was worried about losing them. Through business psychology coaching techniques used during 13 months, we cleared the unconscious blind spot so he became open to seeing the possibility of achieving higher level results from his team. We systematically applied leadership techniques to align employee personal goals with company goals. We engaged the employees in the process and encouraged them to present solutions. The CEO realized that his solutions were limited to his thinking and experiences. When his direct reports were free to think for themselves, they developed better solutions and had more expansive thinking.

The CEO realized he doesn’t have to do everyone’s thinking for them. He is now free to work on his goals and priorities, including thinking strategically about the company’s future. After clearing up his blind spot, he is empowering his employees to address challenges. Now they identify challenges, present them to the team, and develop possible solutions without his over-involvement. They are not only performing higher than ever before, but they are satisfied.

EBITA is now trending 50% above last year, when he believed that was the max they would ever achieve.


SITUATION: A VP in a Fortune 500 Financial Services Corporation experienced an unexpected emotional reaction about having a conversation with a peer he doesn’t interact with often.

Because of coaching with Velocity Leadership Consulting , the manager recognized he had a blind spot, which was a fear of having “fierce conversations.” These conversations had a negative connotation for him, and he worried that something was wrong with him or he would be blamed for something going wrong. In turn, the manager always avoided them. When he felt forced to do it, he reacted emotionally.

This rising star is now realizing his potential, on track to lead a company division. Velocity Leadership Consulting used five business psychology coaching techniques over the course of six months to create a new meaning in the unconscious mind regarding working with others using direct conversations.


SITUATION: A highly successful owner of an international company came to us wondering about the longevity of her marriage and her job satisfaction. Everything felt grey and she was just going through the motions and experiencing success, but that didn’t seem to matter.

Velocity Leadership Consulting uncovered emotional baggage she had been carrying around for 20 years — the tragic loss of a baby. Grief colored her thoughts about her marital relationship, but also caused identity issues at work and in life, and was impacting her relationship with her other children.

After using 20 business psychology techniques, we helped our coaching client release the baggage that was creating her blind spots in her personal and professional life. This was intensive work, but she was so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired that she gladly took it on. After our coaching, she experienced a physical change. She felt lighter, had clear thinking for the first time and saw her true reality. Her previous reality was her perception; the lens she saw everything through was negative and loss-based. She realized the issue wasn’t with her spouse or marriage; it was inside her. She learned she was projecting onto others what was going on inside of her. She is now realizing her potential, making empowered decisions and taking action.


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