“Karen develops world class success with her clients by applying a model of achievement she discovered through her journey to compete in the toughest race in the world – the Ironman World Championships.”
— Brian Tracy, international speaker and best-selling author


“I’m amazed at how quickly my coach uncovered my blind spots, and now I’m learning tools to move forward.”
Bill S.
“I would rate Velocity Leadership Consulting coaching a 10. The coaching process challenged me where I needed it most. My coach understood the uniqueness of my business. I found our sessions highly productive.”
Tom D.
“Velocity Leadership Consulting coaches listen. They care and they have professional experience from the employee, employer and client perspective. This insight is invaluable! I have a coach to give me support, push me through seemingly impossible challenges and encourage me to take steps I would never have thought possible on my own. Don’t be afraid, get a coach and get on with the career (and life) you want.”
K. Morrow
“There is no amount of money that can account for the value that Velocity’s coaching has brought to me.”
Bill S.
“After one session, I am already experiencing some shifts…. I’m clearer, I’ve let go of a couple of things that were keeping me from achieving my business goals and things are starting to flow more easily. I’m thrilled!”
Mary T.

“Because of our coaching…

  1. I secured a new client with 65 employees. (worth $60,000)
  2. A current client renewed for 3 years. (worth $150,000)
  3. I am now excited to create a plan and re-energize my business model.
  4. Family is coming to town and I am feeling happy about it, not stressed.
  5. I am at ease with a super-busy month, whereas before I would have been completely stressed out and my partner would have been impacted.
  6. My partner noticed a difference in me; I’m more present and calm.
  7. I am moving toward renewing my spiritual connection after a big epiphany, brought about by our coaching.”

Kate R.

“Velocity Leadership Consulting assisted me in overcoming habits and patterns that I knew were holding me back from advancing in my professional and personal life. Your coaching comes with my highest recommendations, as what you do simply works! This is the most important work I’ve ever done, because it is changing my thinking.”
Bill S.


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