Are you a high performing executive or manager?
Facing a challenge or transition?
Pursuing higher levels of results in your professional and personal life?
Struggling to push beyond your level of success?

Losing balance and purpose in life?

Our clients have all experienced these feelings.  We partner with CEO’s of major companies, solely owned businesses, and those who desire high performance and balance and want it NOW.

After coaching with Velocity Leadership Consulting, they live their potential daily, with total clarity, purpose and empowerment, creating all the success they desire in their personal and professional lives.

Scientifically-proven techniques create lasting results

Our unique approach reveals the unconscious patterns that impede your desired progress and success. We call these your “blind spots.”

Conscious decision-making represents 20% of our thoughts, and produces 20% of potential results. Imagine the untapped power of the remaining 80%. Velocity Leadership Consulting coaching identifies the thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that are a barrier to achieving your goals. Then we use proven techniques and modalities to resolve them – producing your best results.

“Karen develops world class success with her clients by applying a model of achievement she discovered through her journey to compete in the toughest race in the world – the Ironman World Championships.”

— Brian Tracy, international speaker and best-selling author

Companies retain executives who are
supported and satisfied

Through our coaching, companies can retain key executives and ensure that high performers deliver required leadership skills while achieving greater happiness and personal satisfaction. Executives can experience a new way to develop leadership skills.


“Coaching is especially effective at the executive level because busy executives, like everyone, have blind spots. Coaching is an ideal opportunity for continued development for executives.”

Recognizing that no two companies or coaching clients are the same, we customize coaching engagements to best meet our client’s goals. Executives and managers typically engage in private one-on-one coaching at a regular frequency — often twice a month, with additional sessions as-needed. Clients gain the best results from a minimum 6-month engagement.

Our coaching process:

1. Simple, but powerful, questionnaire that helps shine a light on the undesired pattern.
2. Coaching meetings/calls uncover the unconscious patterns that are blocking your desired goals or achievement.
3. Coaches help you clear away the undesired pattern using scientifically proven techniques and modalities.
4. Clients experience expanded possibilities with rapid and lasting results.


We have a diverse team of coaches who are successfully matched to clients based on behavioral profiles and expertise. Our coaches are seasoned, high-level professionals with extensive business psychology coaching experience. They are professional-level certified by national coaching associations and master-trained in scientifically proven unconscious mind methodology and practices.

“Business psychology coaching — working with the unconscious mind — is the next evolution in business coaching and is what traditional coaching engagements lack.”

“I would rate Velocity Leadership Consulting coaching a 10. The coaching process challenged me where I needed it most. My coach understood the uniqueness of my business. I found our sessions highly productive.” 

— Tom D

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