Who We Are

Velocity Leadership Consulting is a Denver-headquartered executive coaching company.

By working with behavioral patterns and proven scientific solutions (neuroscience techniques), our clients have enjoyed these results:

  • Organizational performance bottom-line (EBITA, EBIDTA, net profit) increase of an average of 68%
  • Talent engagement/retention/succession increase of 129%

The methodologies we use are different than other executive leadership coaching programs because we use the neurosciences to draw out and resolve human behavioral patterns blocking elevated levels of performance and impact.

Clients have achieved their goals 58% faster than anticipated. Our KPI’s show solid financial ROI—see KPIs.  Click here to get the 9 KPIs.

Some highlights of our work:

  • How to leverage your effort and bring out the best in your team, driving top-to-bottom line financial results
  • The power and effectiveness of culture and the role you play
  • How to sustain optimal performance levels through your contribution and team members
  • Increase project success, change management, engagement and retention
  • Evaluating key leaders and learning how to effectively coach them
  • Identification of behavioral blind spots. Which is the gateway to up-leveling leadership.
  • We push you to expand your comfort zone. You will learn how to develop your own successful team that you can rely on.

VLC has national reach and scalability, utilizing super-coaches with these credentials:

  • Senior executive business experience from a variety of industries
  • Professional Coaching Certification
  • Master Practitioner in neuroscience/unconscious mind practices and methods
  • 15,000+ hours coaching senior business leaders

Our Methodology
All of our work is scientifically proven, using behavioral patterns of the neurosciences. We combine C-suite level business acumen and underpinnings of behavioral patterns, specifically engaged to develop leadership ability and effectiveness.

Our Process
1. Identify specific outcomes desired from coaching partnership
2. Utilize personality, tendency, EQ, 360 or other appropriate assessment
3. Establish written development report with individual client, and company or division (if needed)
4. Coaching and on-going progress evaluation – coach will sit in on key meetings if needed
5. Progress evaluation and identification of completion or next steps – measurement of accomplishments against goals and objectives


Our CEO, Karen Brown, is an Ironman World Championship Finisher. In order to succeed in the Ironman Triathlon, she engaged the help of professional coaches and utilized the power of the unconscious mind and neurosciences. She combined these with a 28-year business coaching career, bringing to bear the mission of elevating leadership effectiveness and professional performance – with Velocity, ease and sustainability.

Brown is a thought-leader in leadership and professional performance and published two books on the subject, the most recent of which Unlimiting Your Beliefs: 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life. She is often called upon to be a subject-matter expert on leadership podcasts and panels.

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Velocity Leadership Consulting has a versatile team of coaches who are effectively matched to clients based on behavioral profiles and expertise. Our coaches are distinguished professionals with extensive business and coaching experience. Credentialed through professional coaching associations, they are trained in scientifically proven unconscious mind methodology and practices.

“Realizing our greatest potential lies in tapping into the power of the unconscious mind; it is the gateway through blind spots, which are the barriers to our success.” 

— Karen Brown, CEO of Velocity Leadership Consulting, a Denver-based executive coaching company