Invest in your bottom line. ROI will follow.

We understand the high stakes of growing a business. We have proven experience elevating company results,
using leadership coaching that impacts Key Performance Indicators.

• Revenue
• Cash Flow
• Business Development/Sales
• Engagement and Retention
• Performance (individual and team)
• Talent acquisition and management
• Succession/M&A/Transition


Operating company: $6.3M annual revenue
Who we worked with: CEO
What we did: Resolved value conflicts about the potential for revenue growth, creating openness to new ideas about the company’s value proposition and market strategy.
Result: $2.5M revenue increase, or 40% growth

EBITDA | Business Development
Operating company: $25M annual revenue
Who we worked with: CEO and senior execs
What we did: Resolved five blinds spots — EBITDA growth above previous high point, retirement and succession concerns, unresolved ambiguity about vision and team alignment, empowerment, and daily accountability. As a result of our consulting engagement, the key leaders re-framed their thoughts, perceptions and meaning about taking EBITDA above $25M, which had previously never happened. They also implemented a retirement plan, resolving values conflicts surrounding it, and instituted daily and weekly accountability processes with the entire team, using a unified company vision.
We aligned senior execs’ individual motivations, revenue goals and company vision. This created an empowered, focused team within a flat organization that held elevated performance standards through accountability.
Result: +$5.6M EBITDA growth (20%) in one year.

Operating company: $11.1M annual revenue
Who we worked with: CEO and VPs
What we did: Resolved five blind-spots – meaning/perception of money and expenses, low-effciency/time-intensive systems, one-sided contracts/partnerships, P&L awareness training and ongoing discussions/analysis.
Result: 46% increase in cash flow over previous year

Operating Company:$60M annual revenue
Who we worked with: SVPs
What we did: Resolved and cleared baggage surrounding previous events, aligned company/division/department with individual motivations, higher level of tactical thinking implemented with a goal-calibrated schedule.
Result: Increased individual performance by an average of 41%; 22% went to the company’s bottom line.

Operating Companies: Two companies, each at $45M annual revenue
Who we worked with: President and VP
What we did: Business development behavioral strategies, shifted players and roles and added new talent, root cause and tendency work
Company A: Added more team members to drive revenue and improved work efficiency and effectiveness. 50%
return on investment, 20% revenue growth
Company B: Team performance increased 144% (previously was flat, prior year -35%)

Operating Companies:Two companies, each at $5M annual revenue
Who we worked with:CEOs
What we did: Leadership development applied to human behavioral patterns and personality types, development paths, HR strategies.
Company A: retention rate went from 34% to 59%
Company B: increased retention rate by 64%

Operating company: $38M annual revenue
Who we worked with: CEO
What we did: Proposed a radical idea about how to fill the talent pipeline for this growing company.
Result: Increased talent acquired by 400%

Operating Companies: Three companies, each at $45M annual revenue
Who we worked with: President and VP
What we did: Leadership development to recognize and highlight individual strengths and alleviation/delegation of weakness work, implemented “SWING” concept and focus, peer-to-peer weekly reviews.
Company A: employee engagement increased 90%
Company B: employee engagement increased 63%
Company C: employee engagement increased 100%

Operating Companies: Two companies, each at $26M annual revenue
Who we worked with: Team Directors
What we did: Measured systems effectiveness, identified and changed low-efficiency/time-intensive systems, unlimited beliefs about process and systems.
Company A: increased systems effectiveness by 46%
Company B: increased efficiency and speed by 231%

Operating Companies: $10-$80M annual revenue
Who we worked with: CEO and/or Senior Leaders
What we did: Re-framed transition/opportunities and balanced viewpoint, educated about human behavioral patterns, improved communication and empowerment, career and life values/beliefs. Team and human behavior dynamics/concepts.
Result: Former leadership that remained in the new company integrated 55% faster and more successfully than those who were not clients. New leadership integrated 68% more quickly and effectively. Fallout dropped by 28%.

Our coaches blend C-suite experience, mastery credentials and cutting-edge science of psychological success. This unique and scientifically proven approach yields superior, sustained results with more velocity than traditional coaching programs. We work with individuals, teams, public and privately-held companies, private equity and venture capital firms and their portfolio companies, and businesses going through M&A transactions. Some of the areas in which we have been engaged: transitions, change management,system/team integration, leadership effectiveness and accountability, establishment of leadership development programs and supplements to existing programs, talent assessment, and HR-identified “improvement opportunities” for leaders in key positions.


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