Karen’s Story: “I’m just like you.”

My story is one of triumph over continuous challenge, and overwhelming odds. I was just an ordinary person, that felt I had something bigger inside. Something extraordinary. And that I wasn’t tapping into it. I was playing it safe, staying in my cozy comfort zone. Until I thought of my lifelong dream of competing in the Ironman World Championships, in Kona, HI. I had seen television coverage of the event in 1982, during Julie Moss’ heroic finish. And I was completely mesmerized and hooked. I thought about that for 28 years and every time, talked myself out of it with limiting beliefs… “Well, I couldn’t do that. They are elite athletes and I’m a recreational athlete. They are up there and I’m down here.” But I still felt that longing, tugging inside me and knew I was capable of so much more. In 2010, I took a class and learned how to break through limiting beliefs and in September of that year, I decided to pursue my life long dream of the Ironman. First thing I did was hire a coach, which was new for me. I figured it this way; I wanted to do something I had never achieved, so I would need to do something different than I ever had. The accountability of working with a coach who helped me laser focus on my goal was phenomenal! Not only did my coach teach me what I needed to know, they helped with my mindset, beliefs and activities to achieve my big dream. The road to Kona was filled with internal and external opposition, continuous challenge, an amazing journey, failing forward and ultimately, the biggest victory in my life (for the details, you’ll have to read my book!). And, discovering my potential and purpose in life, while expanding every part of my life, leading to greater happiness and understanding. This also became my new platform from which to realize new goals and dreams….becoming an author and national speaker, founding a coaching company to help others connect with and realize their potential, and an international ultra athlete. Journey to Kona, A Path to True Potential, and all of the associated tools, are allegories to help you realize your potential… What are you capable of?

What is your Kona?

A Lifelong Dream

As the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” In my case, it didn’t just begin with a single step, but it did begin with saying yes to my call to Kona. Since my youth, I was in awe over what the triathletes in Kona could accomplish and watched athletes like Julie Moss defy the odds. I never considered myself a strong enough athlete to compete in Ironman events. After years of watching others, I came to realize that I was meant to compete in Kona and with hard work, I went from spectator to participant. By embracing the possibility of what lay ahead of me,  my entire life was transformed. Through my journey to Kona, I learned what I was capable of and have come to realize that goals often start as dreams. Although I had watched the Ironman in Kona for years, it was never something I thought I was capable of and  I now believe that I am capable of anything if I focus on positive thinking and the work needed to bring my goals to fruition.

Velocity Leadership Consulting Mission, Vision, Values


Vision: To improve human achievement and purpose Values: fierce truth, faith, divinity, courage

“When I was pursuing the Ironman World Championships, I connected with my purpose and Velocity Leadership Consulting. With that epiphany, it came upon my heart to start a company that would support others doing the same. This is one of the missions of Velocity Leadership Consulting.” – Karen Brown




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