Our Clients Tell It Best

After being appointed CEO, I knew that I needed to elevate my game. I knew that my schedule and where I focused my time was no longer going to cut it. I needed to make time for the imperatives that were required of me as CEO.

With the Velocity guidance, insights, and practical instruments to deploy, I was able to rapidly adjust the way I needed to operate to make time and space in my day-to-day schedule for the things that I knew needed to happen, the non-negotiables. Furthermore, my Velocity coach helped me realize that I needed a set of goals that pertained to improving and leading myself first. Over time, keeping me accountable to these has meant that I now have been able to effectively tackle the challenges that were up to me to resolve in order for the business to have a trajectory and operating plan not only for the next year but a clearer strategy out beyond 5 years.

My Velocity coach was critical in keeping me accountable and ensuring that I was facing the challenges and work head-on, taking the most effective path. She also helped me check my thinking and ensure I developed the skills required to rapidly assess and work on the right things at the right time.

By better leading myself first, I have been able to better lead the team and positively impact and influence all my stakeholders. This has created a great positive chain reaction throughout the business. I have not only achieved many of my goals faster than I anticipated but have gotten through many business imperatives significantly faster than originally planned.

– Paul Sulisz, President and CEO, Biarri Networks

Whether you’re a leader of large corporate team or a small business owner, you react to situations as they occur. We all do this, for many reasons. The result, however, is that you don’t make big strides toward your goals, be the next month, next year, or in the next decade.

Such was the case when I began working with Velocity Consulting. Within the first three coaching sessions, the coach delivered ROI far exceeded the entire coaching fee – from helping me and my team to review and completely revamp our sales process to pushing me to challenge my own limiting beliefs.

The results speak for themselves. My team and I closed a sale the first time we used our new process. We now have a fully documented inquiry qualification process (complete with flowchart!) I analyzed our lead generation methods and am making changes based on data. I now have documented goals and weekly and monthly metrics – to which I’m held accountable (oh yes).

The best part, however, is the change in how I’m approaching my decision-making process – whether for business or personal goals. I’m now preparing for what I want to happen versus reacting to what is happening. A subtle difference in the use of a to-be verb maybe, but a huge, huge change in how I’ve been living life.

– Dianna Huff, President, Huff Industrial Marketing, Inc.

“My biggest challenge was around communication and learning to understand how I was coming across in my communication. Working with Velocity Leadership challenged me to look internally at what was creating those behaviors/mannerisms. Like many leaders, I was thought I was coming across one way, but was actually coming across to my team in an entirely different way. Coaching helped me to realize how I was showing up and change those behaviors to improve my communication and the way our team worked together.

My biggest realization occurred when I sat back and began to make a conscious effort to pay attention to how I was communicating. It was that ah-ha moment when one of my team members made comment about transitioning to a new topic amidst our conversation. It was that moment when I realized what was clear in my head was not necessarily clear in the way I was communicating.

My coach challenged me to think about the root cause and to better understand the reason for the behavior.  The assessments and dedicated coaching time allowed for conversations that led to a deeper understanding of who I am, and how I can better communicate with my team. Their promise to hold me accountable is something that translated throughout our team during the process.

Coaching has given me the tools to better understand how and why we react to one another in different settings and with different challenges/topics. This has empowered the team to assume ownership and give trust to one another. Because of this, the team is now functioning at a much higher level and finding solutions to problems that they own.”

– Gary Bryskiewicz, Chief, Denver Paramedics, Denver Health Hospital Authority

As a leader, I take great pride in leading high-performance teams. While our progress often speaks for itself, I found that I had a personal barrier. I didn’t know what was getting in the way until I started working with Karen at Velocity Leadership. We spent the time not only digging into work scenarios but understanding my personality tendencies and triggers. Once I better understood the impacts of these traits, I realized how they could compromise my leadership. Karen provided me with tools to interrupt these triggers and consistently demonstrate my authentic leadership style. Working with Velocity Leadership has been game-changing for me personally and professionally.
Kelsey R, Director of Product Management, Pinnacol Assurance

“(The biggest benefit of coaching is that) I am hearing a different voice with a different viewpoint. Up to this point in my career, I have been on my own with management/leadership issues. I could on occasion ask a peer for their opinion but in the end, it was my decision and mine alone. Now, having a coach, I have been able to expand my thought processes and entertain viewpoints that I never would have considered if on my own.”
Mark O’Connor, President of Investments, FirstBank

“Prior to Velocity Coaching I had used intuition, being readily available, a strong work ethic, and a “lead by example” approach as my leadership style. This approach, while having many positive attributes, resulted in not finding time for strategy, high impact efforts, or proper balance in life. After working with Karen at Velocity Coaching I realized disciplined power work times and well defined deliverables were the key to unlocking new leadership skills. Working smarter vs harder is a much better “lead by example” approach. In addition Karen helped me appreciate the importance of restful renewal which has translated into improved creativity, goal setting, and increased energy for the team.

Karen’s methodical approach of thought provoking questions, excellent listening skills, regular coaching sessions, and strong follow through are what sets her apart from other coaches. In addition Karen encouraged me to share this journey with the team so they could see as a leader I am trying to balance many of the same issues they face each day. This empowered the team to work on themselves, grow as leaders, and opened the door for open conversations concerning our strategy and priorities. In short, thanks to Velocity Coaching the team is working smarter, on the most important things, and at the same time have the time and energy to be creative.
– Jim R, CEO FirstBank Colorado

“Karen provides great insight into how you can increase your effectiveness. She offers constructive counsel with an empathetic but uncompromising delivery. I have not only enjoyed working with Karen, but have also benefited greatly from it.”
George Eddy, CEO, Heinrich Marketing

Because of our coaching…

  1. I secured a new client with 65 employees. (worth $60,000)
  2. A current client renewed for 3 years. (worth $150,000)
  3. I am now excited to create a plan and re-energize my business model.
  4. Family is coming to town and I am feeling happy about it, not stressed.
  5. I am at ease with a super-busy month, whereas before I would have been completely stressed out and my partner would have been impacted.
  6. My partner noticed a difference in me; I’m more present and calm.
  7. I am moving toward renewing my spiritual connection after a big epiphany, brought about by our coaching.”

– Kate R, CEO

“My issue is with schedule—feeling like I don’t have enough time to get everything done. Working with Karen (Velocity Leadership) challenged me to identify the biggest thing taking all my time and changing it.  Like other leaders, I am a pleaser by nature, which meant I became the go-to and I thought it was easier to just tell others how to do it.  What coaching got me to realize is that by continuing with this, I not only deplete myself physically, I also deprive my company of my best work.  In addition, I cripple others from being empowered to be their own advocate and think of and find solutions themselves.  This involved changing my pattern and, in turn, helping others change theirs.  Since changing my behavior and theirs, we all have more time and higher-level work results.  Thank you Karen.”
– Kelly Beauvais, Operations Manager, Flood & Peterson

“From our initial conversation I knew without a doubt that Karen was the coach for me. She listened to my challenges, what my exit strategy was and why a coach could help me reach my goals. Her response was shockingly spot on. Not only did she listen to my story, she responded with questions that made me stop and re-evaluate where I really was and what I needed to commit to in order to reach my business goals. Her promise to me was to hold me accountable to the initial goals I set for myself and to do the work necessary to meet those goals. Karen has not only kept me accountable but has given me the tools to create boundaries around situations that don’t meet my ultimate goal. Under Karen’s guidance I realize that I have been holding myself back from building the business I’m meant to have. Under her coaching direction, I have not only created a 7-year exit strategy but am finally aware of the power of the subconscious mind. Karen’s knowledge, professionalism and integrity is immeasurable. I am looking forward to working with Karen to meet my long term business goals.”
Diana Anderson, President, DES Marketing

“It is truly amazing to see how seemingly small changes can yield tremendous results. What Karen excels at is helping you get out of your own way so you can unlock your potential. There is no magic pill, however…you’ll need to be honest and ready to work! When we started working together, I was struggling with team development, effective communication up and down the organizational ladder, and with strategic thinking and actions (vs doing the small meaningless tasks that clog my email box). Six months later, I feel completely in tune with my career and how to achieve success in what I do, both personally and professionally. Looking back, it’s amazing at what we have been able to accomplish together. Thanks Karen!”
Adam Snyder, Executive Vice President, FirstBank

“After one session, I am already experiencing some shifts…. I’m clearer, I’ve let go of a couple of things that were keeping me from achieving my business goals and things are starting to flow more easily. I’m thrilled!”
– Mary Ann Tate, President

“Velocity coaches have an amazing knack for cutting to the heart of the matter. Their ability to hear what is going on underneath what appears to be the issue to bring better understanding of the true motivation is incredible. They very naturally guide by listening first, then speaking and suggesting, which always makes leaders feel like they are in a safe environment where true transformation can occur. It is clear that Velocity coaches care about what the leader is trying to accomplish and is there to help achieve those goals. Thank you, Velocity!”
– Amy Lynch, AVP, Pinnocol Assurance

“Velocity Leadership Consulting coaches listen. They care and they have professional experience from the employee, employer and client perspective. This insight is invaluable! I have a coach to give me support, push me through seemingly impossible challenges and encourage me to take steps I would never have thought possible on my own. Don’t be afraid, get a coach and get on with the career (and life) you want.”
– K. Morrow, CEO

“I would rate Velocity Leadership Consulting coaching a 10. The coaching process challenged me where I needed it most. My coach understood the uniqueness of my business. I found our sessions highly productive.”
– George Eddy, CEO, Heinrich Marketing

“There is no amount of money that can account for the value that Velocity’s coaching has brought to me. Velocity Leadership Consulting assisted me in overcoming habits and patterns that I knew were holding me back from advancing in my professional and personal life. Your coaching comes with my highest recommendations, as what you do simply works! This is the most important work I’ve ever done, because it is changing my thinking. I’m amazed at how quickly my coach uncovered my blind spots, and now I’m learning tools to move forward.”
– Bill Steigers, CEO, Steigers Corporation

Isn’t it time you invest in yourself?