How Is A Science-Based Coach Different?

Velocity’s Power Pathways™ coaches are far from typical because they use SCIENCE – not personal opinion – to drive your results.  The science is how your brain works, and no longer will you be subject to a “try it, we’ll see and hope” approach.

Using our Power Pathways method, our coaches follow a proven system and apply their expertise in neurolinguistic programming to identify and change behavioral patterns in the unconscious mind that underpin elevated performance. With this specialized approach, you’ll see faster and sustainable change that can propel your organization to a new level.

Convenience of Virtual Coaching

Our coaches come to you (via phone and video conference), wherever you’re located, with convenient virtual coaching sessions.*

If you’re ready to have a greater impact, you’ve found a methodology that is proven to deliver. To explore, schedule a conversation.

*Data shows sessions conducted this way are more productive because the non-verbal communication of in-person is alleviated.

Isn’t it time you invest in yourself?