How Is A Science-Based Coach Different?

Velocity’s Power Pathways™ coaches are far from typical because they use SCIENCE – not personal opinion – to drive your results.  The science is how your brain works, and no longer will you be subject to a “try it, we’ll see and hope” approach.

Using our Power Pathways method, our coaches follow a proven system and apply their expertise in neurolinguistic programming to identify and change behavioral patterns in the unconscious mind that underpin elevated performance. With this specialized approach, you’ll see faster and sustainable change that can propel your organization to a new level.

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Who Needs Coaching?

The best way to move an organization forward is by having better leaders. Working with elite coaches builds elite athletes, elite musicians…and elite leaders. Especially now, with mounting pressure on bigger results faster and integrating diverse workforces, to be great, leaders need to learn advanced skills.

When a program is not provided, individual leaders will seek to improve skills on their own. The result is disunity and non-conforming approaches. Companies need to get ahead of these outcomes by providing a leading-edge, consistent and proven unified leadership development program to their senior-level teams.

The Velocity Leadership Development Program is a comprehensive approach that can span the entire company. The outcome is greater self-awareness and engagement, maturity of expectations, and a common approach, vernacular, and competency model that incorporates consistent values and norms. We also offer concurrent coaching to up-level the entire senior team simultaneously or individual coaching to strengthen one particular leader.

Power Pathways™ Portal

Underlying the ability to make quick actionable change is the need to change behavior patterns.  Our exclusive Power Pathways™ Portal (proprietary app) system is one of the tools for clients to define and track objectives, achieve goals within their first few coaching sessions, and provide the fast track to success.

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