Power Pathways is exclusively for C-Suite leaders and their successors in rapidly scaling companies who are ready for the next level of career success.

You have probably spent most of your leadership development focused on your conscious thoughts. This is a good place for ideas, but not for lasting change.

Our unique Power Pathways coaching reveals the unconscious patterns impeding forward movement and works with you to resolve and replace them with sustainable changes that propel your success.

Unlike standard coaching methods, our coaches facilitate results using a scientific approach.

How Is A Science-Based Coach Different?

Velocity’s Power Pathways coaches are far from typical because they use SCIENCE – not personal opinion – to drive your results.  No longer will you be following a “try it, we’ll see” approach.

With Power Pathways, our coaches follow a proven system and apply their expertise in neurolinguistic programming to identify and change patterns in the unconscious mind that trip you up time and again. Because of this specialized approach, you’ll see faster and sustainable change that will help your organization move faster and raise your game to a new level.

Highly-qualified Corporate Coaches

Each of our coaches has logged over 20,000 coaching hours, and have had careers themselves as corporate senior executives. Uniquely combining C-suite level business acumen and neuroscience expertise, Velocity coaches provide the tools to quickly develop leadership effectiveness that drives results.

Coaching sessions are conducted via phone and video conference and we serve clients across North America. If you’re ready for a proven methodology so you can have greater impact, you’ve come to right place.  To get started, schedule a 15-minute complimentary call.

Isn’t it time you invest in yourself?