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“I highly recommend Karen as a speaker for any event requiring a passionate, on-point speaker. Her commencement address impacted me profoundly.

— Denise Aberle-Cannata, Campus Director at National American University




7 Keys to Greater Personal and Professional Success: Told Through My Journey to the Toughest Race in the World – The IRONMAN World Championship

Succeed Like an IRONMAN by Breaking Through the Barriers Blocking Your Success – It’s Not What You Think

Succeed Like an IRONMAN in Your Primary Relationship

Succeed Like an IRONMAN With Your Health

Succeed Like an IRONMAN With Your Money


City of Denver

Keller Williams South Africa
National Convention, 500 attendees

National American University
Commencement, 1,400 attendees


“Do what you’ve always done, get the same thing you always got. I can choose to change what I’ve always done, to get a new result. Thank you for teaching me that, Karen.”

— CEO at Veteran Engineering and Technology

“From Karen’s presentation, my takeaway is that I have been limiting my options based on limiting decisions I made in the past. I now know how to clear them away and take the best option that delivers the outcome I truly want.”

— President at Copperleaf Homes

“I realized that the way I visualize something working is not the way it has to. I can change it.”

— Owner at Berkshire Hathaway

“I learned how to visualize what I truly want, instead of justifying why I can’t; through engaging my unconscious mind.”

— CEO at Aventa Credit Union

“The way I ask questions is key to the outcome I desire. People have the answers, they are relying on me to ask the questions to open them up.”

— President at Transit Mix

“Karen Brown delivered a commencement address that not only resonated with our students, but with everyone in the audience and on the stage. Staff members are still referring to Karen’s message and have expressed how impactful her words were.”

–National American University

“Karen’s commencement address impacted me profoundly. Her message reiterated that sometimes the biggest obstacle we face is within ourselves.”

–National American University

“I highly recommend Karen as a speaker for any event requiring a passionate, on-point speaker. I cannot wait to get a copy of her book!”

— National American University


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