Velocity Leadership Consulting elevates growth-oriented executives to their peak performance with rapid, sustainable results.

The scientific Velocity Power Pathways™ approach uses ground-breaking neuroscience techniques to help executives become more effective and impactful leaders, opening unconscious blocks in order to create new and lasting neural pathways to success.

Each executive is matched with a Power Pathways coach. Velocity coaches have held senior executive positions themselves and have logged over 20,000 coaching hours. Uniquely combining C-suite level business acumen and neuroscience expertise, Velocity coaches provide the tools to quickly develop leadership effectiveness that drives results.

The Velocity Power Pathways™ approach is for the executives ready to break through to peak leadership effectiveness using proven neuroscience techniques to unravel personal patterns that cause repeated challenges.

The processing speed of the unconscious mind is slightly slower than light speed; yet our unconscious drives 99% of our thoughts and actions. So, while business strategy leadership development can give us good ideas, it is our unconscious mind that ultimately limits our full potential – or, when unblocked, gives us our edge.

Enter Velocity’s Power Pathways. This unique neuroscience-based coaching opens blocked neural pathways, colloquially referred to as “blind spots,” creating new super-highways to success.

This approach has been proven to result in more effectiveness, better performance, and greater impact. And change is achieved faster and permanently because thinking patterns are transformed and you no longer return to old habits.

Companies utilize Velocity’s exclusive Power Pathways approach to excel at three different levels:

  • Individual Leaders can receive one-on-one coaching, solving personal blind spots and advancing their performance.
  • Executive Teams can receive concurrent coaching, developing the individuals while moving the entire team forward at a much faster rate.
  • The company can participate in a complete Leadership Development Program that offers the fastest and deepest changes across the entire leadership team for the most impactful and lasting results company-wide.

Executive Teams Leadership Development Program Individual Leaders

Power Pathways™ uses a systematic approach to get systemic change.

  • Identify the leader’s goals and objectives
  • Use neurolinguistic programming to unravel behavioral patterns causing challenges
  • Establish development plan, metrics, and target goal dates
  • Pinpoint patterns, root cause, impact, and resolution options with opened neural pathways
  • Evaluate and measure accomplishments and determine next level

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