Why Do Business Leaders Engage Executive Coaching Companies?

Because they know something is missing, but don’t know what it is or how to fix it. Although, we do.

We help executives make their organizations move faster and raise their game to a new level.

There are a lot of executive coaching companies out there. At Velocity Leadership Consulting, we focus on coaching for CEOs and coaching for executives to help them get the results they are looking for faster. Specifically, results related to increased individual and team performance, increased revenues, and increased profits.

Here are some results that other clients, executives just like you, shared:

  • “Velocity Leadership Consulting is the thought leader in the field of leadership and professional performance.”
  • “By working with Velocity, I improved my leadership effectiveness and professional performance significantly, which produced superior financial and team results.”
  • “I wanted to be challenged to get out of my comfort zone and be pushed. I knew it would yield better results for everyone and it did.”
  • “I was unaware of how my leadership was impacting the business and team, until my Velocity coach held up an unbiased mirror. With their help, I was able tackle my leadership blind spots, elevate my game, and positively impact culture, engagement and success of the organization.”
  • “Our culture and organizational success changed dramatically when I chose to work on my leadership blind spots…which were the things I didn’t realize were hindering our collective success.”
  • “If I didn’t hire my Velocity coach, I never would have become aware of my blind spots, which were the missing gateway to greater business success than previously experienced in our history.”
  • “This is a different, efficient, systematic approach. Not, will-yourself-to-success like some “gurus”. This is structured around achieving your professional and personal goals and objectives.”

At Velocity Leadership Consulting, our executive coaching service uses scientifically proven coaching methods that enable our clients to identify blind spots and increase their self-awareness. What are your leadership blind spots that are the missing gateway of success?

“Karen develops world class success with her clients by applying a model of achievement she discovered through her journey to compete in the toughest race in the world – the Ironman World Championships.”

— Brian Tracy, international speaker and best-selling author


Velocity Leadership Consulting uses a combination of C-suite level business acumen and scientific neuroscience coaching techniques of success, specifically engaged to rapidly develop leadership ability and effectiveness with our coaching for CEOs and coaching for executives. The coaching methodology we use for our executive coaching service includes:

  1. Identifying specific outcomes desired from coaching partnership
  2. Utilizing personality, tendency, Emotional Intelligence, 360 or other custom assessment
  3. Establishing written development report with client
  4. Providing coaching and on-going progress evaluation – coach will sit in on key meetings if needed
  5. Evaluation of completion or next steps – measurement of accomplishments against goals and objectives

“Coaching is especially effective at the executive level because busy executives, like everyone, have blind spots. Coaching is an ideal opportunity for continued development for executives.”

Why Work with an Executive Coaching Firm?

When one invests in themselves, the ROI will follow.

We understand the high stakes of growing a business and we are focused on results. We are an executive coaching firm with proven experience elevating company results, using coaching methods that impact Key Performance Indicators.

  • Revenue
  • Cash Flow
  • Business Development/Sales
  • Engagement and Retention
  • Performance (individual and team)
  • Talent acquisition and management
  • Succession/M&A/Transition

“Business psychology coaching — working with the unconscious mind — is the next evolution in business coaching and is what traditional coaching engagements lack.”

National Capability

We keep a roster of top executive coaches located throughout the country to service Fortune 500 companies because our sessions are conducted via phone or video conference. Unlike many executive coaching firms, we can service clients anywhere. If need be, we can conduct an initial engagement in person or attend key meetings. Our coaches blend senior executive and C-suite experience, professional level coaching credentials with vast experience (15,000 hours or more) working with senior leaders. Also, every coach holds master certifications in neuroscience of psychological success and takes a world-class coaching approach; strong, focused, organized and results-oriented and brazen, if called to be.

More About Who We Work With

We work with individuals, teams, public and privately-held companies. We have found that the range of who we work with to be on a broader scale than many executive coaching companies. Some of the areas in which we have been engaged: transitions, change management, system/team integration, leadership effectiveness and accountability, establishment of leadership development programs and supplements to existing programs, talent assessment and HR or BOD-identified “improvement opportunities” for leaders in key positions. If you are looking for coaching for CEOs or coaching for executives let’s talk. Velocity Leadership Consulting may be the firm for you.

Velocity Mission

Our mission is to elevate leadership performance and impact through use of scientifically proven neuroscience coaching techniques.


“I would rate Velocity Leadership Consulting coaching a 10. The coaching process challenged me where I needed it most. My coach understood the uniqueness of my business. I found our sessions highly productive.”

— Tom D